Miss Lilly’s Extraordinarily Fabulous Christmas Ideas

Christmas is about family and friends. It’s a time to sit down with loved ones around the table, sampling delicious seasonal food and enjoying each other’s company. Christmas holds a special place in my heart. It’s when my creative food extraordinaire gets her Santa hat on to create amazing food and fantastic dining settings. After all, an amazing meal is not just about the food; it’s about setting the atmosphere too. Whether you do that with twinkling fairy lights or baubles hanging from the apple tree, it’s important to make things as stress free and fun as possible.

Styling Your Christmas Kiwi-Style

Instead of styling your table with traditional Christmas colours like red and green, how about this year creating one which reflects our beautiful landscape. Cover your table with a snowy white table cloth and place a rectangular hessian table runner down the centre. Head outdoors and collect a range of natural materials such as twigs, moss, pebbles or even sand from the beach. Using a variety of glass containers, place your natural decorations inside them or on top of the table cloth. Tie hessian strips around your chairs in bows and use pieces of it as placemats.

Still fancy a green themed Christmas? Cut greenery from your garden (or your neighbours) and use it to bring the outdoors in. But even better, hold your Christmas dinner outside. Take your table and chairs outdoors or use a picnic rug instead. Choose a shady and wind protected area in your garden. Hang fairy lights amongst the trees, drape wispy fabric around tree trunks or over bushes and you’ve got a romantic Kiwi-style outdoor Christmas meal.

A Creative Food Extraordinare Christmas

Here are just a few of Miss Lilly’s creative food presentation tips to help you impress your guests and set the mood.

  • If you are having a buffet table meal, display your food on different levels. It looks less crowded and makes it easier for your guests to serve themselves from.

  • Work towards building a colour theme such as gold and black or white and red. Try to use table cloths, serving dishes and other accessories on your table in your chosen colours, as well as the dining area. Flowers, ribbons, cushions and wispy fabric can be used to quickly style a room.

  • Create a dining focal point. Find an old tin or wicker picnic basket, place a small pine branch or artificial Christmas tree inside it and fill the rest of it up with apples, oranges and pinecones. You could even hang homemade sweets wrapped in cellophane on the tree! Place it in a prominent position on your table.

  • Bake a batch of circle shaped Christmas cookies in five sizes, each one smaller than the one before. Ice the largest cookie and then place the next largest on top. Keep icing each of the remaining sizes and placing them on top of each other until you have a made a Christmas cookie tree! As well as using them as decorations on your table, they also make great gifts for your guests.

Most of all this holiday season, take the time to relax and enjoy yourself. I know I will!


Miss Lilly xxx